Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fluoride, Chlorine, lead mercury, bacteria etc. water filter

At this point I am shopping around for a filter and found your website. I like that fact that you have been in business so long.
I rent an apartment in a private house so I wouldn’t be getting a whole house filter.
Can you tell me if there is such a thing as a filter either under or over the sink which will remove Fluoride as well as Chlorine…and whatever else you usually remove like lead mercury, bacteria etc. ???
If so, please refer me to a link where I can read about it. If two separate units do that, or if it exists but you just don’t have it, tell me that too.
The under sink filters that you would need are located at:
Dual housing under the sink water filter http://doultonusa.com/HTML%20pages/ip200UC_plus.htm .
For dual housing counter top water filters see http://doultonusa.com/HTML%20pages/cp200sc_plus.htm.
Other useful and informational pages to visit are:
Ultracarb true absolute sub-micron filtration four stage ceramic cartridge for Chlorine, heavy metals (lead) and bacteria.
Fluoride removal element A-2 specs in PDF.
Also see: How the Doulton SystemWorks I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks for the inquiry.